Father’s Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

I KNOW Mother’s day was only yesterday;  I am feeling relaxed and refreshed thanks to my wonderful husband and daughters for treating me so great, and I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well.  Since I am feeling so grateful for my husband, who is an awesome dad to our two young girls, and my dad ( who has been generously helping us build our new kitchen) I think it is time to start thinking about Father’s day!! And I have teamed up with World Market for another fun Sweepstakes for you and the dads in your life!!

DadsDaySweeps Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

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Dads, husbands, partners, guys in general are hard to shop for, right? Gifts can be so cliche, dad gets a tie every year for his birthday, father’s day and Christmas and call it good. Well my dad didn’t wear ties for his profession (and if he did it was probably a fancy clip on that he took off as soon as he was flying his plane) so shopping for him was a little more challenging. At least from what I can remember. My husband also doesn’t wear ties ( they kind of look funny with scrubs) and his hobbies are a little more pricey than most ( Harley’s, trucks, woodworking etc) so finding a gift within our current budget and his desires can also be challenging. Fortunately for World Market, they have a TON of gifts I think most dads would love and wont break the bank. Here are a few that I think the dad’s in my life would enjoy:

What guy doesn’t like to man the barbeque aka ” The Man’s Kitchen”? Anything and everything is grilled these days from steaks, chicken. veggies, pizzas, you name it – it can be grilled! ( well, probably not everything but you get the idea)  These BBQ tools are awesome!!

bbq set 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

Also to go with these tools, a stainless mesh roasting pan for veggies or more delicate foods to grill. We grill veggies all the time, so a pan like this is perfect for them!

stainless steel mesh roasting pan 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

I would think that most propane tanks come with a gauge, but apparently they don’t. At least not the ones we use. I love my husband dearly, but I can’t tell you how many times he’s walked outside with plate of raw meat/chicken in hand all set to grill it for dinner and he walks right back in saying ” looks like its baked chicken for dinner”. We run out of propane ALL THE TIME. So I think this year I will get him this :

propane tank guage 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

My husband is a beer drinker, and these pint glasses are perfect for an ice cold beer to drink while manning the BBQ.  Although, he usually drinks straight from the bottle and I prefer the pint glasses, they still are a great looking sturdy glass and we use them as our everyday drinking glasses.

pint glasses 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

He is also a whiskey drinker so these glasses are perfect for just that:

whiskey glass 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

My husband likes to drink his whiskey on the rocks, but doesn’t always like how watered down ice makes his drink. So these totally cool Soapstone rocks would do the trick. They keep your drink cold without watering it down. Plus it looks cool to have your drink literally ” on the rocks”

Soap Stone rocks 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

How cool is this cooler?  Its nice to be able to keep drink cool outside if you spend a lot of time on your deck,patio, or backyard and I love the look of this cooler. Definitely a little classier than the white styrofoam cooler, and I am pretty sure this one lasts a lot longer.

wood outdoor cooler 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

If the men in your life are coffee drinkers maybe they would like some of World Markets awesome coffee. We love their coffee and this Kona is one of my husband’s favorite:

kona coffee 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

We recently got rid of our old dish set and replaced it with a new one, but it wasn’t an actual set, more something I pieced together and none of the sets came with matching coffee cups so when I saw these glass coffee cups and World Market, I knew that my husband would like them. They keep our coffee hotter longer, and unlike my old ceramic mugs, dont burn the skin off my fingers when I reheat my coffee in the microwave ( which I usually forget I do that and I find my cup in there the next day when I got to reheat that cup. ha ha)

glass coffee cup 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

What else do guys like? Oh yes, Fire.  World Market has a few really neat fire pits and this is one of my favorites. The removable tops make it easy to roast marshmallows too!

open weave fire pit 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

After a long, hard day at work, or BBQing and drinking, dad needs a nice place to relax, so why not a hammock for the backyard like this one?

hammock 2 Fathers Day Sweepstakes with World Market #CelebrateDad

These are just a few of the many Father’s Day items that World Market has to offer. You can also check out more items following these links:

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Here is the link to the entry form again – HERE. The Contest Ends June 7th, 2013

If you are on Instagram or Twitter you can look for the hashtag #CelebrateDad for more ideas for dad

This is a sponsored post by World Market, I was compensated for my time and as always opinions are my own. But if you read my blog, you know how much I love World Market ( some people think I live there I am there so often!! ha ha) Also you can click on any of the pictures posted to go to the page on WorldMarket.com where they are sold.

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  1. Sandy Headtke says:

    I love the assortment of sugar free syrups at World Market. I first bought them for my coffee but have found many ways to use them.

  2. World Market has such great gifts! My dad would love any of these ideas :)

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