Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

If you were given $5000 to make over any room, what room would it be? You could have that chance to do so with World Market’s latest giveaway!!  This post is sponsored by World Market on behalf of their Spruce Up Your Space Giveaway.

CPWM Logo JPEG 1024x327 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

world market makeover Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

We are currently launching our NEW Fall Décor/Furniture Collections – Maison Des Artistes, Urban Dwelling and Glasgow Fog  and in conjunction with our new collection launch, we will be giving one  lucky winner a $5,000 Shopping Spree and Design Consultation in our Spruce Up Your Space Sweepstakes. Contest ends Friday, September 6th, 2013.  Click HERE to enter!

When I thought about what room I would make-over, I knew immediately it would be our front living room. We have been working so hard on our kitchen remodel in our new house that the rest of the rooms are quite neglected; several of them are still full of boxes as they are temporary storage for use while the garage is full of cabinet building materials. I sort of cringe when I walk into the front room of the house since its just been storage and I cant wait to have it cleaned out and furnished with beautiful items that I have had my eye on at World Market for a while now.

Here is the room before:

kitchen demolition PineappleandCoconut kitchenremodel2013 2 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

The entry way and living room are all in one. I would love to try to make these separate spaces as best as I can

kitchen demolition PineappleandCoconut kitchenremodel2013 15 1024x764 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

Love that we have a fireplace, but it is too big for the room. We will be remodeling the fireplace to make it more flush with the wall. Can’t wait to decorate the mantle!

living room pic from listing Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

This is a picture from the real estate listing showing a few items of furniture in the room. Its not a huge room but it has a lot of potential

One of the things I love about World Market‘s furniture is that most of it is slightly smaller scale and works perfectly in smaller rooms without looking like it is too small. My living room isn’t small, but with it being a combo entry/living room and my plans of making a separation of the two it will make the living room a touch smaller. World Market‘s furniture will fit perfectly in the space.

Lets get to the Virtual Makeover!!

My inspiration comes from the beach. I love the colors of the sea, sand, sky, driftwood, palm trees. So think blues, aquas, grays, green, beige, tan, dark brown, rust, yellow. These pictures would go great above the mantle to show where I got my inspiration from:

room color inspiration paintings 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

Gorgeous colors and they make for a perfect palette for my room. 1. Beach Painting from Etsy. 2. Three Palms from World Market

The bottom photos are from Google images.

To go with these pictures, further color inspiration come from these rugs, all sold at World Market

I love all of these rugs, this is going to be hard to choose when it comes time to finally make-over this room!

rug collage 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

1. Aqua Deca Flat Woven Jute Rug. 2. Blue Mosaic Tufted Wool Rug

3. Striped Tufted Rug, Ocean    4. Ocean Pom-Pom Rug

Lets talk furniture. I have kids so I like things that are easily washable. That leaves leather and anything with slip covers. Luckily World Market has a wide selection of both!

luxe sofa collage 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

I  love the Luxe Sofa from World Market. They come in a variety of sizes and slip cover colors that all work well with my color scheme. The smaller frame would work perfect in my living room.  1. Luxe Sofa Frame. 2. Gray Mink Velvet Slipcover. 3 Moccasin Microsuede slipcover 4. Charcoal  Slipcover

OF course we need chairs to go with the sofas. My favorite are the Espresso Mason Bi-cast leather chair. They are so incredibly comfortable. There are so many great chairs for sale at World Market. Here area few of my favorites that would go well in my room along with the leather chairs

chair collage 749x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

The Luxe collection also has chairs, which I love that not only do they match the sofas but have slip covers as well to mix and match colors and of course washable.

1. Luxe Chair Frame. 2. Gray Mink Velvet Slipcover 2. Charcoal Slip Cover. 4. Espresso Mason Bi-cast Leather Chair. 5. Green Tufted Devon Slipper Chair 6. Peacock Blue Lorna Chair

Since my room isn’t very big I need to decide if I have room for either a coffee table or an ottoman. I LOVE so many different coffee tables and ottomans at World Market I am showing just a couple. I have many more over on my Virtual Living Room Makeover Pinterest board HERE.

coffee table collage 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

I LOVE the two coffee tables with wheels on them. The styles and colors. But I can just picture my kids trying to take them for rides. So I might have to either make the room off limits to them or opt for non-mobile furniture. 1. Aiden Coffee Table ( I love the whole Aiden collection)   2. Henry Coffee Table   3. Clayton Coffee Table   4. Marcelle Tufted Ottoman

I also love this entry table, it would be perfect to help separate the entry way from the room

Everett Foyer Table

everet foyer table 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

Now that I have the furnishings somewhat picked out to go with my inspiration colors, I need accents and accessories for the room. Window treatments and pillows, decorations for the walls, mantle and tables. Finishing touches so to speak

I love all of these, and I love the look of the white sheer curtains paired with colored ones.

curtain collage 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

1. Blue Striped Lined Curtain   2. Jaya Green Melange Canvas Curtains   3. White Escape Tab Top Curtain    4. Blue Surf Bori Curtain

pillow collage 693x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

1. Blue Surf Velvet Lumbar Pillow    2. Oasis Cotton Velvet Throw Pillow    3. Blue Victoria Stripe Throw Pillow   4. Green and Gray Stripe Lumbar Pillow    5. Avocado Tatum Throw   6. Teal Tatum Throw

There are so many FUN home decor items at World Market that I had a hard time choosing only a few to show here. I love that every time I walk into the store near my house that I always find new items I want. These all would look so good in my living room!

knick knacks collage 1024x1024 Virtual Room Makeover with World Market #WorldMarketMakeover

1. Taupe Lace Hibiscus Table Lamp Shade   2. Clear Glass Table Lamp Base  3.Green Seaglass Vase filler

  4.Recycled Glass Pillar Candle Holder   5. Mediterranean Sea Candles  6. Olive Rustic LED Pillar Candles

  7. Large Teal Kamali Tabletop Lantern  8. Rustic Pitcher Vase   9. Novica Frangipani Surprise Ceramic Jars

For more ideas and inspiration for your own home makeovers, head over to World Market and see all the amazing items they have especially in their latest collections

Maison Des Artistes

Glasgow Fog

Urban Dwellings

What room would you makeover if you won? Enter HERE

Another thing I love about World Market is their World Market Explorer program. Easy and FREE to sign up and you earn points towards discounts and coupons, free coffee and free shipping! Just another reason I love this company so much! To find out more about them, their coupons and giveaways you can follow World Market on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and their Tumblr page. You can also find some amazing room makeovers on their tumblr page.

Disclosure: I am a World Market Brand Ambassador and I was compensated for this post. I never work with companies I don’t believe in. All opinions are my own. Doing sponsored posts like these allow me to provide great content for my readers and post about great companies such as World Market. Thanks for being a loyal reader of my blog and best of luck in the Spruce Up Your Space sweepstakes!!

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