Tropical 7 Layer Bars

Tropical 7 Layer Bars. A tropical version of the classic 7 layer bar

Time for a decadent sweet treat – tropical 7 layer bars. Like the 7 layer bar you remember from picnics and summer potlucks but made with as many tropical ingredients that I could find. This post is sponsored by World Market, they asked me to make a fun summer themed tropical recipe and I knew […]


Simple Citrus and Coconut Cocktail

Simple Citrus and Coconut Cocktail-4011

It was 90 degrees today. I feel bad for friends that are still talking about snowfall, waiting for spring when Vegas is feeling like summertime. There have been nectarines and cherries at the farmers markets already, and weather like this makes me want to sit outside, stick my feet in the kiddy pool and sip […]


Jam Filled Aebleskivers ( Danish Pancakes)

Jam Filled Ebelskivers-293

I am such a sucker for breakfast foods and these Aebleskivers AKA Danish pancakes are amazing. I am pretty sure I could eat them daily, and I am looking forward to them on this upcoming Mother’s day. This post is sponsored by Bonne Maman on behalf of their amazing Mother’s Day giveaway sweepstakes. When I […]


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies-3818

I honestly can’t tell you how many times in my life I have baked chocolate chip cookies. Probably a gazillion. Ok maybe only a million. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic, a comforting delicious cookie. Especially warm right out of the oven. But not too hot, because burning one’s tongue on hot magma like chocolate […]


Man Food : Steak and Eggs

Sous Vide Steak and Bacon Fat Fried Eggs-3703

I wanted to title this Man Food : Sous Vide Steak and Bacon Fat Fried Eggs. But for SEO purposes its Steak and Eggs. Then again this is my blog and I suppose I can name these recipes anything I want really. Delicious food would be the title of everything then if that is what […]


Spicy Buffalo Ragu over Pipe Rigate Pasta

Spicy Buffalo Ragu-3441

I am not the biggest fan of pasta dishes, I am totally one of “those” that subs in zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash instead, but once in a while you just can’t sub veggies, you need to use the real deal. Take macaroni and cheese for example, you can’t sub anything in place of the […]


Cardamom, Rosewater and Pistachio Kulfi #LoveBlooms

Pistachio Rosewater Cardamom Kulfi-3388

Kulfi is a popular frozen dessert from India and I got to try it for the very first time exactly two years ago when two of my best friends FINALLY got married, after 10 years together. I was so fortunate to be a part of one of their ceremonies and also get to sit back and […]


Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay

Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail-1894

It is finally here – Galentine’s Day! The day where gals get together to celebrate being awesome women over brunch – you know waffles, frittatas and cocktails. Cocktails like my Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail I made for you all today. This post is dedicated to all the awesome women in my life from family, to […]


Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova-1730

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and if you haven’t thought of what to make for a romantic dessert, my Chocolate Strawberry Pavlova should fit the bill nicely. Its an impressive yet surprisingly easy dessert to make. Equal time is spent hands on and hands off to make this delicious treat. This post […]


Vanilla Pineapple Margaritas #vanillaweek

Vanilla Pineapple Margaritas-1244

This is my third and final recipe for #Vanillaweek. I hope you have all enjoyed the recipes I made as well as all the other recipes from the other bloggers that have been participating. For my final recipe I went with a cocktail. Perfect for Friday and since the weather has been in the 70s […]


Sparkling Tahitian Vanilla Cupcakes #VanillaWeek

Sparkling Tahitian Vanilla Cupcakes-1192

Vanilla Week continues on and for my second vanilla recipe I bring to you some fun and delicious Sparkling Tahitian Vanilla Cupcakes.  I am such a huge fan of vanilla and I think its anything but “vanilla” as in bland. plain, boring, basic. I have chocolate cupcakes on my blog, plus a few other fun […]


Vanilla Balsamic Roasted Chicken Thighs with Cara Cara Orange Sauce #VanillaWeek

Vanilla Balsamic Roasted Chicken Thigs with Cara Cara Oranges-1026

Hi and welcome to #VanillaWeek hosted by Terri from Love and Confections. I am so excited about this week-long event. Red velvet and chocolate are everywhere this time of year, and the #VanillaWeek Bloggers have come together to focus on one of our favorite flavors – Vanilla. We hope you join us throughout the week […]