Kitchen Remodel 2013 – Update 3

I know it has been WAY too long since I posted a kitchen remodel update. So much has happened, and yet, so much still needs to be done. Doing a kitchen remodel practilcally 100% DIY when one has never built a kitchen before is extremely time consuming and challenging. My husband has done most of […]

Kitchen Remodel Update 2

Its been a while since I have updated the kitchen remodel page. SO much has happened – but a lot still hasn’t happened only because since we are doing all the work ourselves it takes awhile. All our free time is spent working on it. Welllll mostly my husbands free time right now. He is […]

Kitchen Remodel 2013: The Kitchen Before Pictures

Kitchen Remodel 2013. Or the GREAT kitchen remodel of 2013. Or the we are completely and totally insane for remodeling a kitchen ourselves in like the shortest amount of time to do it but its going to be so so so amazing when we are done 2013. So without further adieu here are the before […]