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I am going to Seattle! #IFBC

I know I don’t do any travel posts on my blog, I would if I actually traveled a lot more ( Still hoping for that all expense paid month long trip to Bora Bora) but this is primarily a food blog and I am travelling for a food conference in Seattle in a few days, the International Food Blog Conference or IFBC. I am really looking forward to a couple days in slightly cooler weather. It is still in the high 90’s here in Vegas!!

Shanna at Space needle

The first time I ever went to Seattle was for a good friend’s wedding at her parents house on Vashon Island. I didn’t know it at the the time but my then boyfriend, now husband, was planning on proposing to me that weekend. It was all planned out and he even had our friend the bride toss me the bouquet as a hint. Yeah I still didn’t catch on. We actually were staying in Gig Harbor – cutest little town ever by the way – and he proposed there after the wedding. We spent the next couple days playing tourist around Seattle before driving back to Portland, Oregon where we lived at the time. As you can see here we did the obligatory tourist stop at the Space Needle. It was COLD and rainy, but we didn’t care. And it was this week 8 years ago that he proposed. Time flies


Top of Space Needle self portrait

I know… a selfie. But whatever. It was a great trip regardless of weather.

The last time we were there was when our older kiddo was only a year and a half. She just turned 6 this summer. We took her all over, to world famous Pikes Market to watch them throw fish ( I got to throw a giant Steelhead and have them pack it up on ice for us to take home to eat) we took her to the aquarium which she absolutely loved especially the touch tanks. We took her out to eat seafood at the Crab Pot where she had a blast smashing crabs with the mallets and of course to Trophy Cupcakes. Where we had to try one of each and had them as snacks for the car ride back to Portland.  For some reason I can’t find many of my photos of the trip right now, a computer crash a few months back caused us to have to do some crazy searching for photos and they might be on my backup storage hard drives that are in storage.

Here are a couple


On the Space Needle observation deck overlooking Puget Sound


Foggy rainy day. We were bummed we didn’t get a clear image of Mt Rainier.



Our little one, who isn’t so little anymore, probably pointing to some birds. She was obsessed with chasing birds then


At the Crab Pot restaurant. She had a blast pounding the table with the crab mallet, which I am sure other patrons loved…. ha ha. The food in Seattle is amazing. One trip of just my husband and I back in my figure competing/bodybuilding days we found this hole in the wall sushi place near Pikes. Half a block away, and it had the most amazing food and these fried salmon cheeks that were to die for good. I am hoping to remember the name of the place and head there this weekend  for a bite.


Two reasons I am excited to go to Seattle this weekend is for all the sponsors of IFBC. So many amazing companies I am looking forward to talking with and getting to meet a bunch of my online blogging friends in person finally!!

Wait, three reasons. The food. SO excited about all the amazing seafood and of course the coffee!!!


IFBC Sponsor Collage


A huge thank you to all the amazing sponsors!!  I will be taking lots of photos this weekend so if you want to follow along with my adventures via Instagram follow me there!! @PineapplenCoconut or use this link here

I will post all about my trip when I get back AND I have a couple fun Seattle inspired posts coming up too. Think seafood AND something awesome with coffee!!!!



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