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Odds And Ends: Blog and Kitchen Updates and a Cool Blogging Planner

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How is it almost the end of January already?

This month has been CRAZY already with the kitchen remodel underway. Speaking of, you can see on my menu bar I now have a tab for the Kitchen Remodel 2013. I have added a little blurb about it and will post before pics here soon. Having a few technical issues and as soon as my blog guy gets back to me I will start posting updates and pics there.

The husband has done most of the demolition of the kitchen himself, we now have to go get permits for a few things and then we can get started on moving gas lines, plumbing, busting open a hole in a wall to install a garden window, we may or may not move the dining room wall right now, just depends on the space we have. Its already a decent sized room for a kitchen (almost 20′ by 16′) so we may leave the wall there.

While he has been busting out cabinets and soffits I have been upstairs with my kids trying to figure out paint colors for my bedroom. I have like 8 paint samples up right now. Its CRAZY how different paint looks online, to the chips in the stores to on the wall. Doesn’t help that the wall is the typical light beige that everyone paints their house. I am going for a dark teal and a light sea glass. Not cheesy, but cool and calm and beachy/coastal. So I am going to prep the rooms with white primer and repaint my samples to see if the colors look any different.  The girls rooms are going to be BRIGHT and fun. They picked out some wild pinks called “Rock Star” and “Hibiscus”. We will be doing high wainscoting in all the rooms to stick with the beachy feel and that will help with having those bright intense colors on some of the walls.

This bathroom here I found on Pinterest a while back and has been one of my “beachy” themed inspirations and is the color “Sea Salt” By Sherwin Williams that will be my master bath color and possibly a couple other rooms.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Paint color PineappleandCoconut.com

From the Blog Favorite Colors http://www.favoritepaintcolorsblog.com/2011/04/sea-salt.html

I just love this color combo. I actually have a ton of colors I love, and have been pinning a ton of coastal and beachy rooms on Pinterest.   I am traveling twice to California for weddings soon so I may try to get some free time to look around at some beachy shops or even go for some beach walks to look for shells. I love the look of different shaped jars filled with shells for decor. Like the neat apothecary jars I see like these here

I also found a website that I have been spending a ton of time looking at for inspiration. House of Turquoise. So many amazing ideas with my favorite colors/themes. I seriously spent 2 hours the other night browsing and pinning ideas. If I can’t live on the coast then I will make my house look like I do. Like many of the houses she features.

Also I added another menu tab, Culinary Bucket List 2013. I am inspired by many blogs for this one such as Little Ferarro Kitchen, Brown Eyed Baker and a few others. I have had a running list in my head of items I have always wanted to make so now I finally wrote it down ( and again having some technical issues the list will be under that tab soon) for all to see and hold me to it.  I have a very busy baking and cooking year ahead of me!

My 2 1/2 year old is always singing these days, mostly songs she makes up or she combines songs to make a new one. She has been singing her version of “Aloha o’e” which I love since its the song I have always sung at bedtime to her and her older sister since they were born. So it is pretty dang cute to hear.

I tweaked my left shoulder. Not from working out. But from trying to get my sports bra on. A friend sent me this hysterical guide on how to put on a sport bra. Read it here

And last but not least, my new blogging planner. This planner is so awesome!! Kayla, from Say Not Sweet Anne blog, made this planner and its a free download on her site. I am amazed its free since its so well put together and organized and obviously a lot of time and thought went in to it. She has a ton of options with colors on her blog and more pics of each page and how to download and what to do for getting it put together and products for binding it. So check out her blog for more info, Saynotsweetanne.com

Blogging Planner from say not sweet anne dot com via pineapple and coconut dot com



Blogging Planner from say not sweet anne dot com via pineapple and coconut dot com


Blogging Planner from say not sweet anne dot com via pineapple and coconut dot com

I just love how this came out. Kayla had an offer for some members of the Online Blog Con to make anyone a custom planner in exchange for a blog post about it. She already had several options of colors for the planner but I thought custom would be way cute. And it turned out even better than I had imagined. SO me!!!  The best part is this is a free printable and really cheap to print out and have bound. It cost me around $16 total for really nice paper, getting the covers and binding at Fed Ex/Office Max and I still need to get my printable tabs so really for under $20 for an amazing planner is such a good deal. I was looking at some generic ones at Target and a few other online stores and some customs ones were way out of my budget. Even having this printed out at a copy shop is relatively inexpensive. I think color printing is more at a copy shop so the black and white would be a better option if going that route. My friend Carla got hers printed in black and white at a shop and had them bind it and it cost her about $17. Still really cheap.   Its not too late to get a planner, especially if you’re like me and don’t even think about getting one until its already January. Hey, better late than never right?  ha ha

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