Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends – Christmas Recap and New House and Kitchen News!

HOW is it January 2nd already? Is anyone else thrown off this week? I thought Monday was actually Sunday and have been a day off since and I realized I wanted to post this LAST week. Oops

Christmas was awesome. We actually celebrated 2 days late so my husband could be home  (he had to work until midnight Christmas eve and day) and I really wanted him to be home for the holiday since our kids are so young and starting to ” get it”. It was so so so worth it because when our 4 year old saw that Santa came, her excitement and how her face lit up when she saw the presents made me instantly forget about all the work it took, the late nights, early mornings etc. to make it so special for them.  It was especially awesome when she went to wake her sister, ” sissy sissy wake UP!! Santa came and he brought you a new bike!”  Our 2 and a half year old groggily stumbled down the hallway with killer bead head and rumpled jammies and quickly picked up speed as her older sister’s excitement about Santa sank in, and she ran the rest of the way and saw her new bike, along with a whole sea of toys under the tree.


How awesome is that bed head? How adorable are their new Christmas jammies? I totally want some in my size.


This was their BIG suprise this year. Santa daddy built them their very own art table.  Santa daddy saw it on pinterest (ok so Mrs. Claus mommy helped him navigate pinterest) and he decided to build it instead of buy since it was kind of out of our budget, plus he LOVES to build stuff and really wanted to make it for them. It came out so much better than I had imagined, I didn’t really watch him build it, he was always working on it in the garage late at night and I was inside baking, or working on other stuff for them. So I got to see it fully assembled Christmas eve and was blown away. He is so talented. The kids play at the table at least 5 hours a day now. It is by far their favorite thing every. They both love to paint, draw, color, play with playdough etc. And this now helps me since the table is in our kitchen so I can work on recipes while they play just a few feet away from me. Win-win!!

I actually was pretty spoiled this Christmas. Lots of fun foodie items. My husband had surprised me earlier with this new lens for my Nikon and my mom spoiled me with a new 7qt Kitchen aid mixer early as well. I now own two mixers which ROCKS because I was in mass production cookie making mode and had both running at once last month. ( I am not looking forward to our electric bill ha ha)

I also got some other fun stuff

Christmas Haul 2012 PineappleandCoconut (14)Like this GIANT All Clad pan. My 2 year old can sit in it. I have no idea what I want to make in it first. I can pretty much fit anything. Its 6qt and gorgeous. I love All Clad

Next up another favorite brand, Le Crueset.

Christmas Haul 2012 PineappleandCoconut (5)I have a Dutch/French oven in the Kiwi color which I LOVE but its somewhat discontinued, only found randomly online and in the outlet store which my mom so happens to live near. When we were at her house I cooked with her Le Crueset cast iron skillet and loved it, so she found me one in the Kiwi. Stoked!!

Christmas Haul 2012 PineappleandCoconut (11)I also got this gorgeous dish. I already have plans for it with several recipes. But its so clean and shiny I may not make anything in it for a while. I am weird like that. Plus I hate doing the dishes.

Christmas Haul 2012 PineappleandCoconut (9)And how freaking cute?!?!  Mini dishes.

Christmas Haul 2012 PineappleandCoconut (7)Santa also brought us a juicer. I made green juice with my kids yesterday, they LOVED it. So we are now doing a daily fruit/veggie juice on top of all the other fruits and veggies we eat. I love that my kids love to eat as healthy as they do, and they were so excited about making the green juice and chugged it. We get a basket of gorgeous organic veggies each week from bountiful baskets, so now I am going to add on the green veggie pack to it so I can juice it all. Juice all the things!!!!

Christmas Haul 2012 PineappleandCoconut (6)And of course donut pans and mini muffin pans go against my plans of being more healthy with all that green juice I am now drinking, but life is all about balance right? I can always wash down a donut with green juice… yeahhhh that’s it. I am also loving my new stainless utensils with bamboo handles. LOVE.

I got a few other things for my kitchen and food blogging ( small white dishes, some other props) my family knows me well. And they knew I will always cook them good meals too so its worth getting me cooking implements.

AND in other awesome exciting news, we closed on our house here. I can’t WAIT to move in and not be renting. I am not a fan of living in someone else’s house. I have to make my home my OWN and boy aren’t we ever going to be with this house. The house is a bit of a fixer, not anything major, we could move in as is, but the kitchen needs a major overhaul so we are going to take it down to the ground and build it how we want.  I have been having fun planning it, pinning a TON Of kitchen ideas on my pinterest Dream Kitchen board, lots of other ideas on my Home Stuff board, and designing the kitchen with Ikea’s kitchen designer. We are about 90% sure we will install Ikea cabinets on our own, unless my husband decides to build them himself. Which I would absolutely love but we may not have the time for. We shall see. He will be making the island custom though, we have enough room to make a HUGE island which will have outlets on each end, a open shelves on one end, pull out drawers inside the cabinets for tall appliance storage ( like my mixers and blender) and possibly a wine fridge. So even if we buy the cabinets to make it from Ikea, he will be totally customizing it with my designs.  I have been blown away by the kitchens I have seen online that use Ikea’s cabinets. They all look so high end – I would never guess in a million years that they are from Ikea! One of my inspirations is this one from the blog Cape 27.  So gorgeous, same colors I want in my kitchen too and I LOVE their soapstone counters. I am not a huge fan of granite, so we may look into the soapstone. Plus with the money we save on cabinets I can get the appliances I have had my eye on forever. Hello lover.

Also, I will be adding a tab to my menu bar soon, Kitchen Remodel. We will be documenting it all, and I will be adding our kitchen before pics soon. I am really thrilled about his project, especially since the new kitchen has a ton of natural light and huge windows on one side, which will make for more hours during the day for food photos. That has been my biggest struggle, no natural light in my kitchen in my rental house, except for about 45 minutes in the mid afternoon. So hopefully I can post a ton more recipes once it’s up and running.

So that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!



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