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Odds and Ends. Sunday Stuff (One year in Vegas, and other fun stuff)

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They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this past year has been a blast since we just celebrated one year of living in fabulous Las Vegas.

Welcome To Las Vegas PineappleandCoconut.com

I can’t believe its been a year in Vegas already. I have to say its a trip living here. Its like two completely different cities. There’s the strip, and then there is the rest of the city. If I couldn’t see the strip from the highway I wouldn’t even know we lived in Las Vegas. Its really a great place to live and we like it here a lot more than we imagined. There are some really great family oriented things to do and see, such as hiking at Red Rocks, checking out critters at the Springs Preserve, the shark reef at Mandalay bay and so much more. I had always come here to party with friends on the strip when I was younger, but now being a parent and living here its a whole different world. I think we may stay a while, my guess is a long time.

I was a competitive swimmer growing up. A friend of mine that I swam with posted THIS on facebook the other day. Cracked me up. If anyone swam or has a kid that swims that reads this, it should surely make you laugh and relate to it.

Coconut oil. Love it. Use it a ton. Here is a new favorite blog, The Grass Skirt Blog, with a list of 50 Uses For Coconut Oil. Love her “windex” reference at the end.

Welcome To Las Vegas PineappleandCoconut.com

I made doughnuts. (I posted this pic on Instagram yesterday) I don’t even eat doughnuts. I finally used my doughnut pan I got at Christmas because my 4 year old has been begging me to make them and of course Kristen from Dine and Dish happened to make an insanely easy recipe the other day. My 4 year old helped me make and decorate them. She said they needed frosting and sprinkles. I wasn’t about to argue with her, because she was right. Doughnut recipe is from Dine and Dish –  here, frosting recipe is courtesy of Chung-Ah over at Damn Delicious –here. And now I want to make more doughnuts. My kids are excited about this too. My waistline isn’t.

Blood oranges. Love them? Still in season here. I WANT this salad.  Craving something sweet with the blood oranges -Make this curd – YUM!!! Or  this ice cream – double yum!! (These are from 3 of my favorite blogs! Check them out!)

Wine On Tap. I need this in my new house. Maybe I will ask my husband. I mean, whats one more thing for him to build…

I have been spending a lot of time browsing the site, House of Turquoise, for design ideas and inspiration for our new house. Tons of beachy and coastal ideas ( which I LOVE) plus lots of my favorite color and she posts where to buy things too. And the homes she features are just gorgeous. Definitely a favorite site.

I can so relate to this. Anyone with a 2 year old can.

My Iphone continues on its downward spiral of not working very well since my 2 year old threw it and smashed the back. The home button now no longer works. I was having to turn it all the way off then back on every time I wanted to go from one app to another. So I googled ” Iphone home button broken how to fix” and found this. Who knew??

Well, that’s about it for now. Here’s to another great year, Vegas. Thank you, Thank you very much

Welcome To Las Vegas PineappleandCoconut.com

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