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World Market Halloween Wine Party #BookOfLife

I love wine. The Halloween wine selection at World Market is something I look forward to all year and the selection this year did not disappoint. In fact, I purchased just about one of each for my post today. It was fun to come home with a case of wine and other Halloween goodies since this is my favorite holiday. This post is sponsored by World Market on behalf of their Halloween Book of Life Sweepstakes and this is a three part post since I also made two really fun Halloween cocktails as well and I will be sharing those within the next few days. But first up, the Halloween wines:

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

I thought about doing this as a wine tasting party, but since I was home alone when taking the photos for the post, I wasn’t sure if I was up to tasting all 12 wines by myself at 10 am. I would have been napping by 11:30 and slept through picking up kids from school. That wouldn’t have been good. So what I am doing here with this post is showing you the awesomeness of each bottle, the labels are so cool, and giving you the description of each wine that is displayed at World Market.  I am totally a sucker for a cool wine label. There are a few more Halloween wines at World Market, I chose these 12 to share today.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife
I take it back. This was a wine party for two. Me and this skinny guy. He thinks the label has his name on it. Skeletons, I swear, can’t live with them, can’t live without them….

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

Vampire Pinot Noir :
Bring our fruity Pinot Noir into your lair for late-night sipping. It’s got lovely berry flavors that lead to an intriguing hint of smoke. Drink soon. These flavors won’t live forever. It is well suited to Venison and game dishes, and is equally well adapted to pasta dishes featuring basil and tomato sauces. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an after dinner wine with snacks and blue cheeses.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife
Monster Mash Lodi Red Blend:
This fruit-forward red blend of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah comes to life when paired with grilled meats. Perfect for your Halloween monster mash!

World Market Halloween Wine Party #bookoflife
Rest in Peace Red Blend:
Indulge in flavors of raspberry jam, chocolate and black pepper with a faint echo of black tea. This California red blend is equal parts casual and elegant, for pizza parties and formal dinners.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife
Spellbound Petite Sirah:
This affordable, autumn-friendly Petite Sirah enchants with intense red hues and flavors of brambly blackberry. Pair with fall fare like slow-cooked roasts and rich pastas

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife
Vino Del Los Muertos Rojo:
Crafted as a celebration of life, Vino de Los Muertos Rojo melds dark and light into one. An altar of perfumed flowers and pronounced sweetness exhumes dark berries and spice into brighter spirits as it finishes smooth, lingering in remembrance. A slightly spicy, peppery wine saturated with juicy, red fruits like raspberry and plum with strong leather accents. A perfect wine for Sangria, just add fruit, ice, club soda and Triple Sec. Pair this casual, easy drinking wine with fresh red pasta sauces, BBQ, beef and pork dishes. Also great with burgers, pizza and nachos.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

Hob Nob Wicked Red:
Despite its name there’s nothing devious about this delicious French red blend. Fruity with red berries, mocha and spice, it’s one of our favorite picks for chilly evenings. This wine is fantastic, I highly recommend it.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

I just love the look of these Poizin wines and I had to get both.

Poizin California Zinfandel (Beige label):
Ripe with the tastes of concentrated fruit and mocha, Poizon California Zinfandel is simply “to die for!” Blended with Petite Verdot, it boasts an unexpected flavor profile that is sure to please the palate.

Poizin Dry Creek Zinfandel (Red label):
Bursting with bright notes of plum, raspberry and blackberry, Poizin Dry Creek Zinfandel is a Zin-lover’s dream. Blended with Petite Sirah, it’s rounded out with hints of black pepper, mocha, caramel and cedar that contribute to its rustic personality.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

I couldn’t resist buying these. The Trick and Treat wines are made exclusively for World Market

California Red Table Wine
Fun and festive for any occasion where your favorite witches, goblins and ghouls gather together. Take the Trick to the graveyard for an eye-of-newt stew. and some BBQ ribs.

California White Table Wine
It’s always a Treat to serve this haunting wine at a midnight picnic or just visiting with ghoulies, goblins or witches. This wine is spook-tacular by itself served chilled

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

Moselland Cat Riesling Black – I pretty much bought this one just for the bottle.
Moselland Cat Riesling is a fresh, fruity wine in a colorful feline-shaped flask. Serve with appetizers or Asian food.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

Skeleton Malbec. This is by far my favorite Halloween wine from World Market. I was so excited when it was finally on the shelves. I love that it has a great price point especially for being a litre bottle.
An enticing Malbec with aromas of violet and plum, alongside secondry notes of blackberry jam and dark fruits. A burst of rich, fresh fruit on the palate, vibrant acidity, and a touch of oak, followed by a long, lingering finish. I love this wine with a wide variety of foods, its fantastic with smoky meats such as pork ribs, steaks and roasts. Excellent with fish such as salmon and halibut. I even drink it with a turkey burger and salad. Its a great wine.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

With a wine party you need wine glasses of course. Different glasses for different wines. I picked up a variety from World Market for my post. There are more at the store, these are just the ones I bought.
Connoisseur Bordeaux, Connoisseur Zinfandel and Connoisseur Chardonnay and Connoisseur Stemless. And of course you need some fun halloween table decor and napkins. Maybe even have some spooky Halloween music playing.

World Market Hallloween Wine Party #BookofLlife

Thanks to World Market for sponsoring this post. I am a World Market Brand Ambassador and as always all opinions are my own. I never work with brands I don’t believe in and you all know how awesome World Market is!

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