Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs

Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back pork ribs are tender, fall off the bone, full of flavor ribs perfect for summertime picnics. I have a few tips and tricks for oven baked ribs that taste like they were cooked on a grill all day. This post is sponsored by  Cost Plus World Market on behalf of their blog, Discover.

Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs #Ad #Discoverworldmarket #WorldMarketTribe

We love baby back pork ribs at my house and cook them year round, not just during summertime. Baking them in the oven is a great option during wintertime when it is too cold out to grill or even in the summer when it is too hot. Low and slow in the oven doesn’t heat up the house and you still get tender fall off the bone ribs with my recipe. Oven baked is a great option for those living in apartments with no grills or smokers but still want to make ribs at home.

Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs #Ad #Discoverworldmarket #WorldMarketTribe

My favorite ribs to make are St. Louis style baby back ribs. There is an even amount of meat on each rib, it takes to marinating well and cooks really evenly. you can also cook several racks on the same tray in the oven.

Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs #Ad #Discoverworldmarket #WorldMarketTribe

Another great thing about ribs is how portable they are. Bake in the oven at home, divide up, wrap in foil then take to a picnic or BBQ. You can reheat in foil on a grill for a few minutes if one is available or if there is an oven available you can heat up for a few min. They are great at room temperature or cold too! I often eat leftover ribs cold the next day.

Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs #Ad #Discoverworldmarket #WorldMarketTribe

You also can’t have good baby back pork ribs without a good barbecue sauce. There are two steps to seasoning these ribs. One with a dry rub and one with the barbecue sauce. Sometimes I make my own barbecue sauce from scratch, sometimes I use a storebought jar of sauce. One of my favorites is NOH brand Hawaiian barbecue sauce and it goes perfectly with these ribs.

Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs #Ad #Discoverworldmarket #WorldMarketTribe

The full recipe for these Baked Hawaiian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs with step by step directions are on Discover, A blog by World Market. If you have any questions feel free to comment here or leave a comment on the recipe on Discover. This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market. I am a World Market Tribe Ambassador


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  1. Where is the recipe??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Shanna S says:

      Hi David the recipe resides on Discover, a blog by world market. If you click on the underlined/hyperlinked “Discover” in the blog post at the top or bottom it will take you to the recipe!

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