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Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails

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This has been such a fun week of cocktails with Koloa Rum Company. And to end this week I have these gorgeous and super simple Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails for you all . Thank you again to Koloa Rum Company for supplying me with rum to make these cocktails all week long for Hawaiian Drinkmas!

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

Mimosas, champagne cocktails anything with a tropical juice and a sparkly wine I am all over it. I love the addition of another alcohol too such as coconut rum to really make them over the top tropical.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

We don’t get snow in Las Vegas – at least not down in the valley very often. Maybe once every 8 years. We do have mountains about 40 minutes away that gets snow. Hawaii gets snow on the big island and once in a while on Maui too at the top of Haleakala. The best I can do for snow is fake snow. Or snow in the form of coconut flakes. I went with a very simple garnish of fine coconut flakes mixed with extra fine sugar. Coconut “snow” tipped glasses.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

For these coconut passion fruit champagne cocktails I added one ounce of the Koloa Coconut rum and half an ounce of Aunty Lilikoi passion fruit juice along with a simple syrup I made with some vanilla extract I picked up in Kauai this year. I got it from a farmer at one of the many Farmer’s Markets we went to – this one was near Hanalei. They have amazing farmer’s markets all over the islands so I checked their schedule to know which days they were, time and location so I could be sure to do most of my food shopping with them. I am all for supporting the local farmers as much as I can.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

Add in fresh passion fruit pulp with seeds. Passion fruit are in season right now so you can find them at well stocked grocery stores or specialty stores such as Asian grocery stores. I will buy a few dozen and scrape the pulp and seeds out and freeze so I can use them all year round.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas
Top with your bubbly of choice and enjoy! I prefer prosecco with champagne cocktails or mimosas over actual champagne when I mix in tropical juices or other liquors because I think their lighter flavor balances it out better. If you prefer champagne then I say go for it.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

These coconut passion fruit champagne cocktails would be amazing for Christmas brunch or to sip on all throughout the day.  They would even be perfect for New Year’s eve and day as well. Just keep everything well chilled before making them.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

Yield: 10 cocktails

Coconut Passion fruit Champagne Cocktail

Coconut Passion fruit Champagne Cocktail

Coconut Passionfruit Champagne Cocktail. Made with Koloa Kaua'i Coconut Rum

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • Chilled Koloa Kaua’i Coconut Rum
  • Chilled Aunty Lilikoi Passionfruit Juice
  • Chilled Vanilla Simple Syrup
  • Well chilled Champagne ( sparkling white wine or prosecco)
  • Garnish
  • Simple Syrup
  • Fine coconut flakes
  • ultra fine granulated sugar
  • Passionfruit pulp with seeds


  1. Mix together 1/4 c extra fine granulated sugar with 1/4 c fine coconut flakes. Dip the rim of champagne flutes in simple syrup then in the coconut sugar mix. Let dry
  2. To make the vanilla simple syrup combine 1 C sugar with 1 C water and 2 Tbsp good vanilla extract. Simmer until sugar is dissolved and mixture is slightly thickened. Chill completely until ready to us.
  3. To make the cocktails pour 1/2-1 ounce of coconut rum into each champagne flute, then 1/2 ounce of the passion fruit juice and 1/2 tsp of the vanilla simple syrup and 1 tsp passionfruit pul with seeds. Stir well then top with champagne or prosecco. Serve immediately.


Notes: To make a large batch of these you can mix the passionfruit juice with the simple syrup ahead of time and keep chilled until ready to use. Also keep the rum and simple syrup chilled as well since there is no ice in these cocktails room temperature rum and juice will warm up the cocktails a lot faster than they will if chilled.

Aunty Lilikoi passionfruit juice is 100% passionfruit juice, no other juices or sweeteners added. If you don’t want to order her juice online or have access to it in stores, you can use a passionfruit juice blend, just lessen or omit the simple syrup but still add a little vanilla to the cocktails.

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I didn’t give a drink amount for this recipe since I only made two for the purpose of this post and a whole bottle of prosecco or champagne will make different amounts depending on size of champagne flutes, if you use more or less rum and juice in each glass. Champagne cocktails or mimosas are really a drink that you make to your preference. No wrong way to make them.

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

Thank you again to Koloa Rum Company for sponsoring  these coconut passion fruit champagne cocktails along with this amazing week of holiday cocktails. Make sure you go back and check them all out and if you make any don’t hesitate to ask any questions and let me know how you liked them! Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!

Coconut Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktails #Drinkmas

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