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Reader’s Favorite Holiday Recipes

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Reader’s favorite holiday recipes – appetizers, sides, main dishes, cocktails and desserts. A sampling of festive holiday recipes for you to choose from!

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas these are the recipes that reader’s love the most from my site year in and year out. I have many recipes that make my top searched recipes every holiday season and these are the ones that stand out year after year.

Reader's Fave Holiday Recipes from


So many recipes to choose from for the holidays. Do you go traditional with a turkey and all the trimmings? Or do you try something new each year? Or do you go with a mix of new and tried and true? 

I love doing a combination of both recipes I have made year in and year out and trying new ones. We don’t always go with traditional holiday recipes at my house. Some years we will do a theme, a specific cuisine such as all Italian recipes, all Hawaiian ( luau anyone), all Mexican food.  I have only made a traditional whole turkey once. 

While I loved finally tackling the challenge of a roasting a whole turkey, we much prefer keeping our holidays meals simpler, and smaller. My husband often works Thanksgiving, so it’s just my daughters and I. We got to the movies then make a smaller meal just for us. But when the whole family is together we go all out with many of these recipes. 

Reader's Favorite Holiday Recipes

I have many Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes on my blog, lots of holiday cocktails too. I try to add new recipes every year, sometimes the hustle and bustle of the holidays gets in the way. This is where these tried and true recipes are great to fall back on, when I don’t have time to make new, I can always count on the ones I have been making for years and years.

Be sure to save this collection of favorite holiday recipes on your favorite Pinterest board for later. Always great to have a collection of your favorite holiday recipes all in one place!

I hope you enjoy these favorite recipes as much as I do. Happy holidays!

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