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Hummingbird Pancakes

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Hummingbird Pancakes are a fun breakfast twist on the southern classic cake. Spiced pecan pancakes layered with pineapple, coconut, bananas and cream cheese whipped cream. Delicious! This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market on behalf of their blog, Discover.

Hummingbird Pancakes #worldmarkettribe #ad

We are back from Hawaii and it was amazing like it always is. I have a ton to share with you all, so over the course of the next month I will be sharing all about it in many blog posts along with a ton of new recipes inspired by my travels. Lots of pineapple and coconut recipes along with many others. I have quite the list from different things we had to inspiration I got from the local farmers markets.

Hummingbird Pancakes #worldmarkettribe #ad

Pineapples are most often synonymous with all things Hawaiian which I find funny since pineapples actually aren’t originally from Hawaii!! The pineapple is actually native to southern Brazil and Paraguay. Pineapples are everywhere now, and in the south they are a sign of hospitality and welcoming. And if I visited friends in the south and they welcomed me with these Hummingbird Pancakes I would be oh so happy.

Hummingbird Pancakes #worldmarkettribe #ad

I started these pancakes using Cost Plus World Market Southern Pecan pancake mix. Their mixes tend to be seasonal so if you happen to not be able to find the southern pecan one, there are many others you can use and just add in pecans. Or feel free to use a basic buttermilk pancake recipe as the base. Any way works for the pancakes, because it is mostly about the toppings and the cream cheese whipped cream! YUM.

Hummingbird Pancakes #worldmarkettribe #ad

So if you like a super tall stack of pancakes or a short stack, either way you can’t go wrong with these Hummingbird Pancakes. While pineapples originated in South America, the Hummingbird cake originated in Jamaica. Probably after the pineapple was introduced to the small Caribbean country. It was originally called “Doctor Bird Cake” and once it made its way to the south it was soon called ” The cake that doesn’t last” And I can see why. The cake is so good and the pancake? Maybe even better. Eventually the name Hummingbird Cake came around and it has stuck ever since. 

Hummingbird Pancakes #worldmarkettribe #ad

More photos and the recipe for these Hummingbird Pancakes resides over on Discover.  So head on over there and plan to make these for your next brunch!! 

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    Platt College
    September 18, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    These pancakes would make a great dessert or breakfast!

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