Kitchen Remodel 2013: The Kitchen Before Pictures

Kitchen Remodel 2013. Or the GREAT kitchen remodel of 2013. Or the we are completely and totally insane for remodeling a kitchen ourselves in like the shortest amount of time to do it but its going to be so so so amazing when we are done 2013.

So without further adieu here are the before pics. Ugly. Old. Outdated. Worn. In desperate need of a total overhaul from the ground up. As far as the quality of these pics are concerned – most are from my iphone. The final pics I will take with my DSLR. And probably a gazilion taken with my phone to post on twitter and instagram and facebook and….

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (2)This is the view from the dining room. That archway is the view from the sink. Yes wash dishes as you stare at the dining room and hopefully don’t splash out into it. We are moving the sink to a different side of the kitchen and my rangetop will be here. Hole in wall closed up.  Oh and that ugly chandelier is going too.

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (3)Walking towards the kitchen from the dining room. Just look at ALL that natural light coming in from the windows. Food Bloggers dream. ANd this is wintertime light! South facing windows will mean a ton of light all year round. So so so excited about this. Yes that is our measuring tape on the ground. That wall there is being extended 4-6″ so I can have double ovens in my new kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (4)Looking at one half of the kitchen. Awful tile counters, old, worn cabinets, peeling laminate floors, weird island shape, and that low soffit. All of it? Going, going, gone. And yes that is my DSLR on the counter. I sort of forgot a memory card for it at home, hence the iphone pics. ha ha


Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (8)Looking down from most of the way up the stairs into the kitchen;  again that low soffit, really no point in it. It makes that half of the kitchen darker, and isn’t part of a load bearing wall so really no need for it.

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (5)I just don’t understand a sink overlooking a room of a house. Every house I have lived in , with the exception of one small apartment, has always had the sink facing a window. So we will be swapping the sink and cooking areas for the most part. And adding a garden window above the sink.

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (11)These cabinets are actually already down and in the garage. They were the only cabinets not falling apart so my husband will use as part of his garage work bench. This will be the future site of my desk/office that will be part of a built in we are making and our refrigerator will be moved down closer to this side than where the space is now for one.

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (6)I can’t get over all this natural light in my new kitchen

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (12)

Future site of breakfast nook and other half of kitchen. There is a space to the left of the windows that we will be expanding a few feet to add more cabinets with a wine fridge!

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (13)

Now you can see the space here that we will be expanding out a couple feet. There will be cabinets below on this side for extra storage and the kitchen floor will be extended out above it, so they will be like built-ins. And above will be those extra cabinets with the wine fridge. The kitchen isn’t HUGE but its big enough to really make it nice. Its about a 16’6″ by almost 20′ room. One thing is that there is no walk in pantry. BUT we are making one.

Kitchen Remodel 2013 Before PineappleandCoconut (15)

Just down the stairs is a wet bar. Do we need one? Not really. If this was a lot further away from the kitchen maybe we would use it? Its odd use of space under the stairs. So this will be my pantry/appliance storage. Sort of odd being that its down the the few stairs from the kitchen, but I really don’t want take up any space in the kitchen to create a pantry and take away precious cabinet space. So we will convert this into a pantry.

I have been pinning a TON Of ideas for kitchens and other DIY projects for the home and ideas for the other rooms in my house on Pinterest. I designed our kitchen and my husband is doing most of the labor. We are now waiting on permit approvals to move forward. Most are approved just waiting on my garden window plans approval.

I love beachy and coastal inspired looks. Clean, fresh colors, whites and teals. I have ordered some samples of tile for my backsplash and already picked out my wall color. Our cabinets will be white and we have gorgeous dark wood flooring we have on the way as well.

Stay tuned for demolition pics!!

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