Kitchen Remodel 2013 – Update 3

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I know it has been WAY too long since I posted a kitchen remodel update. So much has happened, and yet, so much still needs to be done. Doing a kitchen remodel practilcally 100% DIY when one has never built a kitchen before is extremely time consuming and challenging. My husband has done most of the work because its hard to do a lot of it with our kids underfoot so I keep them occupied on the days he is able to work on it or he stays up late to work on it.  So here are the latest updates PLUS at the end of the post is a giveaway that I am hosting since I hit 3000 likes on my FB page I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway.  And now I am past 3000 likes!! So fun to watch my little blog grow! I really do appreciate all the support. With all the blogs that are out there now, especially food blogs, I am so glad you choose to read mine. I sound like a flight attendant. Thanks for flying with us…

So to catch you up on the remodel, the before pics are HERE

The demolition and some of the construction pics are HERE


Now on to the latest updates:

drywall and paint

 My husband and dad hard at work. We hired out for the drywall mainly because of our vaulted ceilings and not wanting to deal with renting scaffolding to install it. They did a fantastic job and got the drywall up really quick.


 My kiddo was a fantastic help with the flooring. We went back and forth on what materials to use for our floors. When we were house hunting one of the houses we looked at had the floors we loved. Color, texture, wide planks, super quiet. We were FLOORED ( pun intended) when the owner told us it was laminate. He told us where he bought it from and told us about he extra thick underlayment to make them feel like hardwoods.  We went to the store and had the laminate sample next to the engineered hardwood sample and stared at them forever trying to tell the difference.  We couldn’t. They looked the exact same. Felt the same underfoot ( with shoes and barefoot) and we decided to get the laminate because paying 1/4 the cost of the hardwood just made more sense for practical and financial reasons. I know a lot of people turn their nose up at laminate and think its cheap and cheesy and hardwoods are the only way to go; but with little kids and a dog in our future I wanted a floor that would last. And I didn’t have to spend my kid’s college savings on it. Plus everyone who has seen it and walked on it can’t believe they aren’t hardwoods.

cabinets and painting

I love the look of all white kitchens, they are so fresh and clean looking, but my true color love is aqua; colors of the sea, sea glass, aquas, pale blues and icy greens. So this made picking paint colors easy. The wall color in the kitchen is Sherwin Williams, Tidewater.  One of my biggest kitchen inspirations has been the blog, House of Turquoise. I can spend days staring at the gorgeous homes featured on that blog. I discovered the paint colors I am using in my kitchen and throughout my house from this blog.  Erin shares my love of all things aqua and turquoise and I want to live in all the houses she features. Many rooms have been pinned on my Beach House and Dream Kitchen pinterest boards. One in particular was this kitchen HERE. With the aqua island and white perimeter cabinets. I fell in love with that look and knew that is what I wanted.

kitchen cabinets and island

Excuse the hazy pics. These are all iphone pics and my phone camera was a bit hazy from the dust. The island color is Sherwin Williams ” Mariner” and it is the same color inside  the upper cabinets. I just LOVE my deep farmhouse sink. The drain is offset so I can pile up dishes on one side to clean later. I just love doing dishes…. My husband has built all the cabinets. This is not his job or trade, just a new hobby. I never knew he could do this and the quality is amazing. Way better than anything we found at the big box home improvement stores and local kitchen cabinetry stores. And the cost? Way way less. Score.

countertop underlayment

When researching countertops, I already knew what materials I wanted; soapstone and carrara marble, but wasn’t 100% sure on what design until I saw THIS kitchen. I love the look of the thick edge that gives the illusion that the countertop slabs are super thick. Because of the edge I wanted, we had to double up the plywood that sits under the countertops so the edges weren’t too close to the drawers.  We did a 45 deg mitered edge for a nice clean look. The fabricators did an amazing job of matching up the veining in the slabs over the edges.

counters installed

Super hazy and dusty iphone pics again. The island edges (carrara marble) are 3 1/2 inches and the perimeter counters ( soapstone) are just shy of 3″.  I just love how they turned out. The island is HUGE! For me at least. Its just over 4 feet wide and almost 7 feet long. So perfect for pastry making, cake and cookie cooling after baking. Its a true baker’s island.

appliances installed

My GORGEOUS appliances. Wolf range top. Wolf L series double ovens ( I still pinch myself that I own them), Bosch dishwasher ( so so so quiet, so glad we bought it) and our Kenmore Elite refrigerator that has made several moves with us now. Its a great fridge but it doesn’t fit the space very well even though we measured, it took installing it to see that it sticks out too far. So we are shopping for a new fridge that is counter depth and this one will go out into our garage. I WISH I could afford Sub Zero side by side fridge and freezer but unfortunately that is out of our budget and to get one to fit we would have to remove my mini office we made next to it and I really like having my desk and workspace for my blog in the kitchen. We could fit a 36″ wide sub-z but even then its out of our budget. BUT if we keep having the luck we do wit Craigslist, we might find one brand new for half price like we did with our rangetop and ovens. My husband is amazing for finding those for me. When we were researching ovens there weren’t many I liked and so many mid range brands had bad reviews. My dream was to own Wolf double ovens and now I do and I still can’t believe it. They are amazing. And we got them brand new, still in the box for less than half price. SCORE.

pendant lights faucet and backsplash tiles

I love our pendant lights. Sticking with the beachy theme, I saw these seagrass lampshades at World Market and I asked my husband to convert them into pendant shades. The tiles are 3×6 tiles from Modwalls and Buy Tile. I kept ordering sample tiles and the more I got the more I loved. This picture really doesn’t do them justice; they are gorgeous and look just like sea glass. A couple of them are even a frosted glass tile. I can’t wait to install these. My husband really wanted a commercial type faucet, so we settled on this one we found at Lowes. Its OK. I wish it was further out into the middle of the sink, but with how thick the sink edges are its installed as far forward as it could. So we may be shopping around for a different faucet soon.

 And one of my favorite parts of my new kitchen so far is the bookshelf in my island. I was inspired by so many islands I found on Houzz and Pinterest that I knew I had to have a bookshelf in my island.

Kitchen Island Bookshelf

You can tell which side my kids helped put my cookbooks on…  This isn’t even half of my cookbooks. Still unpacking. I Love love love cookbooks. I love reading blogs for the recipes and pictures, but there is something great about having a cookbook in hand to read and admire the recipes, write down notes and dog ear the pages of favorites. I have an always growing list of book on my amazon wish list. Which brings me to my giveaway for reaching 3000 facebook likes!

cookbook giveaway

The contest rules are simple. Head over to Amazon, find the cookbook you want, leave the name of it AND the link to it on amazon in a comment here. The rest of the entries are optional. Obviously the more entries the better your odds. Contest ends at noon on August 11, 2013.

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