Pina Colada Yogurt Parfaits

Second week of Pineapple and Coconut month in honor of, well, me, because its my birthday month. This time its a healthy yogurt parfait.

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait #pineapple #coconut #healthy

I made this to balance out all the sweets I made last week. Like the Pina Colada S’mores. And the Pineapple and Coconut Whoopie Pies. Pure decadence. But life is all about balance. Like balancing a salad in one hand, and cake in the other.

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait #pineapple #coconut #healthy

This is one of my fave quick to whip up snacks. Protein from the  yogurt, healthy fats from the coconut, vitamins and good digestive enzymes from the pineapple, fiber and omegas from the chia and sweetness from the honey.

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait #pineapple #coconut #healthy

Ch-ch-ch-Chia? Remember chia pets? I had one. I don’t think it did to well. When I first saw a few years ago that chia seeds were the latest ” super food ” or something like that my first thought was ” those seeds that grew Chia pet hair are good for you?!?”  turns out yes. They are full of fiber and omegas ( those good fatty acids that help run a healthy body) and antioxidants. Plus they have many uses; they can be an egg substitute in baking, they make yummy pudding and I add them into yogurt snacks and smoothies all the time. And my kids love eating them by the handful. I have strange kids.

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait #pineapple #coconut #healthy

You will see in the recipe I say to mix in the chia seeds with the yogurt. I sort of forgot to and was taking pics of these and realized that. So this is why it looks like there is way less than there is. Oops

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait #pineapple #coconut #healthy

Sometimes I sweeten these with stevia instead of honey, either works find and tastes great, but the drizzle of honey on top I never leave out. We get this amazing raw honey from a local farm and I am pretty sure my kids would eat it straight from the jar if I let them. Good thing I am not too crazy and let them do things like that. They are hyper enough as it is all on their own, no need to be all hopped up on honey.

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfaits

Preparation 5 mins Serves 2     adjust servings

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfaits Makes 2


  • 2 cups European Style Yogurt (I use Straus Family Creamery Yogurt)
  • Fresh pineapple, chopped – 1 cup
  • Unsweetened coconut flakes – 1/2 cup, lightly toasted
  • Raw Honey - 2 tbsp plus 1 tsp for drizzling (Or stevia - 1 Packet per parfait, I use wholesome sweeteners organic stevia)
  • Chia seeds - 4 tsp, divided (optional) ( I use Nutiva, organic)


  1. In a bowl mix the yogurt, 2 tbsp honey or stevia and 3 tsp chia seeds, set aside
  2. In two glasses layer a few tbsp. of the pineapple, a little of the coconut flakes and some of the yogurt. Repeat for as many layers as you want ending with pineapple and coconut on top. Sprinkle the remaining teaspoon chia seeds on the top of the parfaits and drizzle the remaining 1 tsp honey over the top. Serve immediately.


Pina Colada Yogurt Parfait #pineapple #coconut #healthy

Now as soon as I finish this yogurt parfait I am going to have a s’more. Balance.

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  1. I love this pineapple dish. It tried it, it’s very tasty and fruity. love it.

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