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Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple creamer)

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Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple creamer)

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. Seems to have flown by faster than normal. It feels like I was just packing up Christmas decorations and here I am getting them out of storage already to decorate the house again. I also can’t believe this is the last Holiday Food Party of the year. We have been doing this for two years now and its been so much fun.

This one is Christmas themed and only 6 of us were able to participate this year. Life has gotten busy for many of us, more busy than we like I think. So let’s take the day to slow down and see what all we made for our Christmas holiday food party. I brought to the table a fun and festive drink, something I call “Aprés Ski Boozy Tea”

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

Nothing says warm me up in the wintertime like a hot cup of boozy tea does. This is a super simple drink and a perfect warm up for any cold day, especially one spent on the slopes. Before I talk more about the tea check out all the recipes for today’s post

holiday food party collage

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6. Apres Ski Boozy Tea from Pineapple and Coconut
7. Raspberry Almond Torte from Magnolia Days
8. Fruit and Nut Bars from What Smells So Good

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

I was first introduced to this boozy tea by a cousin of mine. I used to live in Colorado and we would meet up to go snowboarding or just hang out at her house. One year when I was going to ultrasound school it was around Thanksgiving time and I had no time to head home for the holiday so I headed up to Vail, Co to hang out with my cousin and her family and my aunt and uncle and some other friends.

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

We spent a few days snowboarding Vail and Beaver Creek and stayed in a huge condo at the Vail Cascade resort. Lots of playing in the snow, hot tubbing, eating and drinking and lots of laughs.  My Aunt made a huge spread of food while we were there and my cousin and I drank a lot of boozy tea. It was her concoction she had come up with. Black and Orange Pekoe tea, 4 different kinds of booze, and vanilla creamer. We would make huge mugs of it and we would

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

We also cruised down to Aspen, Snowmass for a few more days of snowboarding fun before we all had to head back down to the front range when the holiday was over. Aspen snowmass is by far my most favorite ski town of all of them. I have been to lots. Jackson Hole, Wy is a close second and so is Steamboat Springs, CO. But for some reason I just adore Snowmass. Plus the hill is a blast to snowboard. My husband and I went a few times when we were dating and ventured onto some crazy slightly out of bounds super steep stuff that we still talk about to this day.

We say how if we ever make it rich with the lottery or win big at a casino we will buy a place in Snomass right along the slope so we can walk out of our house, strap on our boards and ride down to the lift.  My husband’s dream job is to drive a snowcat at Snowmass and I would love to be a ski host or be one of the people that greets guests at the end of the day with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies

. We would also buy a house in Hawaii because living in the snow is really cold. We lived in Vail. Its fun to live in the snow a few years but then you get over driving in it really fast.

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

When my cousin made the boozy tea she used a commercial brand coffee creamer. You all know I am anti chemical laden “foods” so I decided to make my own creamer. It was SO easy to do and no weird fake flavors at all. I love this in tea and coffee both. I have a feeling I will have a batch of this in my fridge more often.

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

If you want to get really fancy with your boozy tea you can add some freshly whipped cream. I sweeten it with either powdered sugar or a little maple syrup. Whatever I am feeling like really.

I am pretty sure we had cans of whipped cream when we were making these at the condo in Vail. I know we did because I remember squirting the whipped cream into our mouths and possibly even using it all up so there was none left for the pie. Something like that. But since I am not really a pie fan, more whipped cream for boozy tea is better in my book

Yield: 6

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple creamer)

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple creamer)

Aprés Ski Boozy Tea makes 6-8 servings Black and orange pekoe tea with 4 different types of liquors and a homemade vanilla maple creamer. A perfect way to warm up after a long day outside in the snow hitting the slopes.


For the Boozy Tea:

  • 8-10 Black and Orange Pekoe Tea bags
  • Amaretto
  • Frangelico
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Kaluha
  • Vanilla Coffee Creamer
  • Tea kettle full of water
  • sweetened whipping cream - optional

For the Vanilla Coffee Creamer:

  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/3 pure maple syrup
  • seeds from 2 vanilla bean pods or 1 Tsp vanilla bean paste
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


For the creamer:

  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a small saucepan and heat until steaming, stirring to combine everything well.
  2. Let cool. Transfer to a glass jar with a lid and keep refrigerated up to 7 days.

For the tea

  1. Bring the water in the tea kettle to a boil. Add in the tea bags and let steep according to directions
  2. Fill each mug or glass with 1/2 - 1 ounce of each of the liquors - more if you want it stronger. Add in the tea and then add in a few teaspoons of the creamer. Top with whipped cream if desired and sip while hot. This is best for large coffee mugs so you don’t end up with a mug of mostly booze. Then again I am pretty sure my cousins and I had mugs of mostly booze back then.

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Aprés Ski Boozy Tea (with homemade vanilla maple coffee creamer) #holidayfoodparty

I think I am going to go make one of these boozy teas to sip on and write out my list to Santa. Right after I figure out where the heck this year went!

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