Lemon Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast With Raspberry Sauce

Mother’s Day. The one day a year its acceptable to eat breakfast in bed. Or the one day a year that the calories from this stuffed French toast don’t count.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

When I was a little kid I remember my dad making breakfast for my mom on Mother’s Day and she had this cool tray that she would use so she could eat breakfast in bed. I thought that was the coolest thing ever and I always tried sitting with her so I could have breakfast in bed too. Because, you know, that’s what mom’s want. Breakfast in bed WITH their kids right?  ha ha. Now that I think about it, I think she kicked me out so she could eat in peace, and my dad only cooked part of the breakfast, he would get her these amazing chocolate croissants from a french bakery down the street. Either way, my mom got her special day with yummy food. On a tray. In bed.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

World Market asked me to create a recipe using some of their gourmet food items for their My Amazing Mom campaign, and my first thought was ” I HAVE to make something worthy of breakfast in bed” but I wanted to make it easy enough that husbands, kids, significant others and what-not could make without too much fuss or mess for mom to have to clean up later.

I went to World Market to get inspired for the recipe and I decided I wanted make French toast. But what kind?

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

One of the sale’s associates told me this is the best jarred lemon curd she has ever had. She was right. Not too sweet, perfectly lemony.  What else would go good with this curd?

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.comRaspberries of course. I LOVE the combo of lemon and raspberries and with the addition of rhubarb in this fruit spread I knew I was on to something good.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.comWorld Market sells these amazing Madagascar vanilla beans for so cheap and they are amazing quality. They are in a bag inside another bag in the package and the aroma is so strong even through the double packaging, the best aroma. I love vanilla beans and I always have these on hand. One of my staples.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

So with these ingredients I decided to make stuffed French toast. I am not normally a French toast gal. I usually go with waffles then pancakes, but I have to admit I had never had stuffed French toast before and now I have fully changed my mind. Stuffed French toast is a game changer for sure.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

I decided to cook these in my cast iron pan because I love the way it cooks foods so evenly. I start by heating the pan over low, then heating some beloved Kerrygold grassfed butter over medium low. Kerrygold didn’t sponsor this post or tell me to say anything about their products, I just really love the butter.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

I was afraid I had over stuffed the slices so I only made one first, thinking all the filling would ooze out, but it didn’t. And the aroma of the vanilla beans was amazing. I think I will add vanilla beans to all french toast recipes from now on.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.comIf you have never combined lemon curd with mascarpone before you have no idea what you are missing. This is an amazing combination and I may or may not have eaten a few spoonfuls of just that while making these.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

Like I mentioned earlier, my mom has this really cool breakfast in bed tray that she keeps on her bed as a decoration and uses it for breakfast in bed. I didn’t have one and I wanted a tray for these pics. And, well, just to have.  I found this one at World Market and had to have it. Its perfect and I think I will keep it on my bed for decoration now too. And as a hint that I should get breakfast in bed for Mother’s day this year. And the year after that. And so on and so forth.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

 I am pretty sure as I got older as a kid I helped my dad make breakfast in bed for my mom. Either that or I just asked for those croissants from that bakery as well. They had these amazing strawberry and cream filled ones as well. This stuffed french toast actually reminds me of those. I have croissants on my culinary bucket list, but for this Mother’s Day I made something easy enough that I am hoping mom’s will get to enjoy. On a tray. In bed. Without kids trying to squeeze under the tray with her.

Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

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Lemon Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast With Raspberry Sauce
Recipe type: Breakfast
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4-6
Lemon Curd and Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast with Raspberry Rhubarb Sauce
  1. In a small bowl mix the mascarpone and lemon curd together, making sure it is well combined and set aside
  2. Heat ½c of the raspberry rhubarb jam with 1 tbsp water either in a small saucepan or microwave safe bowl, stirring until slightly thinned. Keep warm
  3. In a larger , flat bottomed bowl or dish scrape the seeds of the vanilla beans into it and add the 1 tbsp of sugar. Rub the vanilla beans and sugar together until its well dispersed and fragrant. Add in 2 whole eggs and whisk and then ½ cup milk the pinch of sea salt and whisk until combined. If using a larger loaf, more than 4 pieces, use the larger amounts listed.
  4. Take each large slice of bread and cut a slit on one side about 3” wide and about more than halfway inside the bread creating a “pocket” being careful not to slice all the way through the bread. Spoon in 2-3 tbsp of the curd mascarpone mixture.
  5. Heat a cast iron pan over medium heat and melt 1 tbsp butter.
  6. While the pan is heating, carefully dip the stuffed slice of bread in the egg mixture coating each side well, making sure you don’t over saturate the bread.
  7. Place in the pan and repeat with 1-2 more slices of the bread. You don’t want to overcrowd. Cook for a few min and carefully flip and cook on the other side a few more minutes until golden brown.
  8. Top each slice with some of the raspberry rhubarb sauce and powdered sugar. Serve hot!


Lemon Curd Mascarpone Stuffed Vanilla Bean French Toast #WorldMarket #Myamazingmom #mother'sday PineappleandCoconut.com

 Yum!  Make this for your mom, wife, partner, grandma, aunt, sister,  yourself. Doesn’t matter who. Just make it. I PROMISE you will love

Items seen in these pics that come from World Market can be found online and in stores.

Sticky Fingers Lemon Curd, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Raspberry Rhubarb Fruit SpreadAntique White Tray, Agean Blue Hemstitch NapkinBrown Woven Placemat, Fez Tumbler ( Clear), Bamboo Flatware,

World Market’s My Amazing Mom Contest And Fan Sweepstakes is still going on and you have time to enter HERE. Contest ends May 3rd!



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by World Market. My opinions are my own and I never work with brands I don’t believe in or use.

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  1. Whoa, when’s Fathers day?? I want this/ Lemon curd is awesome with everything. I’ll still be in Hawaii on Mothers day…oopsy 😉
    Gerry @ Foodness Gracious recently posted…Strawberry Balsamic Goat Cheese Bars and a day with The California Strawberry CommissionMy Profile

    • I have a feeling for father’s day I will be making something with bacon and bourbon. Envious of your Hawaii trip – have a mai tai for me!!

  2. This sounds fantastic! I want breakfast in bed. :)
    Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust recently posted…Free Printables for Teacher Appreciation Week {If you give a teacher a…}My Profile

  3. M Williams says:

    I love Sticky Fingers Lemon Curd and seem to end up with a jar of it in my cart just about every trip to World Market. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

  4. LOL, girlfriend! Have the same thing planned for a special Mother’s Day brekkie…breakfast in bed! Saw the very same tray at my local World Market where I was inspired. Love those people! Didn’t buy it just yet though. Right now, scrambling to finish writing and editing post for a Cinco de Mayo-inspired special occasion layer cake and complete photography for new Margarita cocktail (had to wait for Anthro order) for guest post. Then, onto more cakes (like the one I have planned to dedicate to you!). It’ll be a baking frenzy this weekend and next week to catch up. LOVE your stuffed French toast recipe! The first time I ever made any type of stuffed French toast was when I followed a chef’s recipe back when first married. It was for a banana, strawberry and cream cheese filling. But, I love how you incorporated lemon curd with the mascarpone, added vanilla bean with a rhubarb raspberry sauce! KUDOS on this flavor sensation! And, yes…the ONLY way to go with French toast is Challah or Brioche. :) Pinning! xo
    Stacy | Wicked Good Kitchen recently posted…Paleo Cookie Butter {gluten free, primal & vegan}My Profile

  5. I love finding inspiration at stores and in prepared foods that are of great quality, like the ones you showcased above. Totally wish there was a World Market close to home!
    Marnely Rodriguez Murray recently posted…King Arthur Flour Launches Baking Sheet AppMy Profile

  6. Shanna, you are killing it with the amazing posts lately. How did I miss this recipe?! I’m a huge fan of french toast and it’s the number one thing I make on weekends. Stuffing it with mascarpone, lemon curd and raspberry sauce sounds heavenly. I love the photos in this post, especially the decked out tray. Crate and Barrel opened up near my work and I saw a tray there the other day that I liked. What I didn’t like so much was the price – it was $70! Insanity. I really really wish I lived near a World Market – all their stuff looks great!
    Nancy @ gottagetbaked recently posted…Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo #HolidayFoodPartyMy Profile

  7. These photos are beautiful! This majorly put me in the mood for some delicious breakfast food :) world market sounds fabulous!


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