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Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay

It is finally here – Galentine’s Day! The day where gals get together to celebrate being awesome women over brunch – you know waffles, frittatas and cocktails. Cocktails like my Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail I made for you all today. This post is dedicated to all the awesome women in my life from family, to friends I have now and some I have lost ( may they all rest in peace)  to my two young daughters. Each one means so much to me and I couldn’t pick just one to dedicate this post to.
Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself
It is also a totally made up holiday from a fictional character on a silly show – Parks and Rec. BUT I love the idea of having brunch with a bunch of gal pals, even if only virtually, to celebrate this awesome day. Last year was the inaugural blogger Galentine’s Day blog party and we have even more awesome bloggers joining in this year to make this one awesome virtual party!

Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself

Last year I made a cocktail for Galentine’s Day. I think any ladies only brunch should have fun girly cocktails. This year I went with something I actually came up with last summer but never blogged it. I guess I was waiting for the right moment to share it. I also kind of sort of forgot about this post coming up having been so busy the past few weeks and I had a few other ideas for recipes and I think I will make those soon because they sounded good too but with a bit of a time crunch I went with this sour cocktail because assembly and photographing was a lot quicker than say pancakes or eggs benedict.

Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself
I had these tart cherries I was using for popsicles for my kids and I decided to plop a few in my drink – muddle with the simple syrup then add the rest of the ingredients. I have played around with slight variations of this sour cocktail, really a sweet and sour cocktail, and this is the winner.
Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself
I like using tart dark cherries, frozen now since obviously not in season but fresh when they are or if you really want to treat yo self go with some fancy schmancy Luxardo maraschino cherries. I first heard about Luxardo cherries last year from the gals over at This Girl Walks Into A BarThey had made these amazing whiskey sours with homemade sours and homemade luxardo cherries. They are way better tasting than those waxy red maraschino cherries you see in stores. The tutorial for the cherries is HERE. 
Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself
Add the rest of the ingredients to a shaker and pour over the ice in the glass. These are my fave cocktail glasses. I have quite the growing collection of glasses because of my blog and these are always my go-to for blog posts as well as sipping on beverages at home.
Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself
I love the two tone color of this fun sour cocktail. You can leave as is, or in words of Bob Marley “Stir it up”
Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself
But just a little to still see the contrast in colors. I say this cocktail is as if a whiskey sour went on a tropical vacation with an amaretto sour and this what came of it. Its has a wicked punch to it with the bourbon ( use good stuff like Maker’s 46, Angel’s Envy, Knob Creek) and the amaretto, tartness from the cherries, sour from the lemon and the tropical notes from the vanilla simple syrup and pineapple juice.  Tropical whiskey amaretto sour was to boring of a name so with the help of my friend Barb, a cocktail genius, we came up with the Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail. I originally wanted the Wicked Wahine – but someone else already has a cocktail with that name. I didn’t want to copy.
Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself


Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail

Preparation 5 mins Serves 2     adjust servings

Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail Its as if a whiskey sour and an amaretto sour had a tropical baby. Makes 2 cocktails


  • Tart dark cherries, slightly thawed
  • 2-3 tsp vanilla simple syrup*
  • 5 ounces GOOD bourbon ( I use Maker's 46 or Angel's Envy)
  • 2 ounces amaretto
  • 2 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • 4 ounces pineapple juice
  • Additional cherries and fresh pineapple for garnish



    1. In two glasses place a few cherries at the bottom, muddle with the simple syrup, 1-2 teaspoons of syrup in each glass depending on how sweet you like the cocktail. Top with ice
    2. Add the rest of the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake well, pour over ice in glasses, stir slightly to mix in some of the muddled cherry mixture. Top with more pineapple juice if desired. Serve.


    Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself

    And now for more Galentine’s Day awesomeness by all the amazing women that participated. All are awesome women, fantastic bloggers and so great to know these gals from all over the country via the food blog world! Check out what all they made:

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    Then come back and have another drink with me
    Wicked Waikiki Sour Cocktail #GalentinesDay #treatyoself www.pineappleandcoconut.comi Sour Cocktail-1917

    My spoons says “Get Sauced”. I love those spoons. Happy Galentine’s Day!!

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