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Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail

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This amazing cocktail, the Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan, I made in honor of my friend Barb’s daughter, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age, but fought it and won and is thriving cancer free now! I made this cocktail for  a guest post on Very Culinary.

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan

This is also the first  drink I had when I turned 21. My late best friend, Kristin, took me out on the town to see her boyfriend at the bar he bartended at to buy me my first “legal” cocktail.  I had been to the bar many times before, because I knew the bouncers, my friend’s boyfriend, and I worked for a local radio station at the time and we did live events there often, they all knew me. Even though I was underage, I was still allowed in because they all knew me, and being tall with a really really bad but passable fake ID helped. Kristin wanted to get me a drink that was sophisticated, so a raspberry cosmopolitan it was. I loved it.

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan

Barb is known for her fabulous cocktails on her blog, such as Pumpkin Pie MartiniMexican Hot Chocolate with Tequila and Cayenne and this Blood Orange Margarita.   And so many more. I love seeing the fabulous cocktails she comes up with. We got to talking about her daughter and she mentioned making pink cocktails in her honor, since pink is the color of breast cancer awareness.

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan

I was beyond honored to make this cocktail for Barb and her daughter Lauren. So to see the rest of the story behind this drink and to get the recipe head on over to Creative Culinary. Thanks!

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan PineappleandCoconut (5)

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