Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail

This amazing cocktail, the Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan, I made for a guest post on my friend Barb’s blog,Creative Culinary.

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan PineappleandCoconut.comThere are two reasons I am making this cocktail one is from a fond memory of turning 21.

Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan PineappleandCoconut.comThe other reason I am sharing this drink because Barb, told me that her daughter has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. No parent ever wants to receive such news about their kid, no matter what age. Barb is known for her fabulous cocktails on her blog, such as Pumpkin Pie MartiniMexican Hot Chocolate with Tequila and Cayenne and this Blood Orange Margarita.   And so many more. I love seeing the fabulous cocktails she comes up with. We got to talking about her daughter and she mentioned making all pink cocktails from here on out, since pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. I told her I thought that was an awesome idea, and she asked me if I would like to be the first guest post with a pink cocktail, I was beyond honored. So to see the rest of the story behind this drink and get the recipe head on over toCreative Culinary. Thanks!



Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan PineappleandCoconut (5)





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